Pricing & Billing Page

Fees and billing policy

All fees are to be "paid on the day".

If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

Veterans with a DVA Gold or White Card will be fully covered for the cost of all treatments including the doctor's fees and theatre fees.

Oxford Day Surgery has set its fees at a level that is fair and reasonable taking into account the high costs of providing a very high level of equipment, staffing and services. We do not bulk bill.  All fees charged are on the basis of "fully informed financial consent". Where a "gap" (out of pocket expense) exists between our fee and your refund from Medicare we ensure that the amount will be known to you beforehand.

Oxford Day Surgery is accreditated in the National Safety and Quality in healthcare standards and is a WA and Commonwealth Health Department licensed facility we have in place financial agreements/contracts with all of the Australian Private Health Funds. This is a great advantage for patients with Private Health Fund cover and will significantly reduce or eliminate out of pocket expenses.

Our fees are based on the Australian Medical Association (AMA), Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS), Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Private Health Funds list of fees. We are unable to publish lists of fees but we can answer your questions by phone or in person.

Doctor's Surgical Procedure Fees

You will need to contact the Doctors rooms to find out what the Doctor's Surgical Procedure Fee's will be.

Theatre and Day Surgery Procedure Fees

In addition to the surgical fee there is an additional fee for the use of the Day Surgery. For patients with Private Health Fund cover there may be "no gap" (out of pocket expense) at all or a small "known gap" on these fees. It depends on which Fund you are with and your level of cover. If you have an "excess" on the policy the full amount of the "excess" needs to be paid first.

Our staff will be able to assist you in determining your level of cover. All fees and any "gaps" (out of pocket expenses) will be known before the surgery.

Those patients without Private Health Fund cover will need to pay the full Theatre fees before the surgery and will receive no refund.

Payment Method

Our preferred method of payment is by Eftpos or Cheque. Please note: we do not accept Amex or Diners.

Pathology Services Fees

These fees will be bulk billed by the Pathology Provider in nearly all cases so that there is no additional out of pocket cost. The Pathology Providers are completely separate businesses and unrelated to Oxford Day Surgery. If there are any queries about pathology fees they should be directed to the Pathology Laboratory directly.

When a specimen of skin is removed or other samples collected doctors are legally obliged to submit the specimen for pathology. We use Clinipath Pathology (9476 5252) and Heenan Lam Skin Pathology (9386 3500) predominantly for our specimens but occasionally we will use another pathology provider such as Pathwest, Western Diagnostic Pathology or St John of God Pathology. The pathology result is often a crucial part of your management and therefore is very important and an essential part of the treatment.

We are pleased to have a Clinipath Collection Centre immediately adjacent to the main entry to Oxford Day Surgery on the 1st Floor. For your convenience all tests for blood, urine, skin scrapings and swabs can be collected immediately after your visit to see us between the hours of 8am to 1pm.