Satisfaction Survey

Every year we conduct an annual survey with our patients to enable us to gain an open and honest opinion of how we performed the previous year in terms of:

  • The customer service we provided;
  • The quality of care provided;
  • The knowledge of our staff both clinical and administrative;
  • The patient information given was satisfactory;
  • The whole oxford experience was pleasant and not onerous

The survey is completed at both our Perth day hospital and Bunbury site. Both sites provide a consultation clinic, the difference lies in the surgeries provided at each site.  In Perth we provide mainly inpatient surgeries including Mohs whereas in Bunbury we perform only outpatient minor surgeries.

The results of the survey is then graphed so patients can see for themselves and have total confidence that when attending Oxford day Surgery they will receive the highest quality of care.

Patient Feedback

Patients are very good at providing feedback in regards to how improvements can be made to their quality of care. We take this feedback seriously and where possible we will make the necessary changes. 

For example,

This year, patients felt that the food we provided was not always sufficient for those that were here for 4-6 hours. To remedy this, we have increased our range of foods to include cereals, soups and noodles along with the old favourites of a range of healthy nutrition bars and biscuits.
Also, patients thought the coffee we provided could be better so we now have percolated coffee available at any time.