At Oxford Day Surgery we strive to provide the pinnacle in patient care.Our highly specialised doctors deliver innovative treatments in our modern, comfortable andconveniently located Day Hospital that has full day surgery and recovery facilities on site.

Our team of skilled Mohs surgeons and nurses are trained at Oxford Day Surgery, delivering quality healthcare at the highest standards, ensuring our patients have the safest and most pleasant experience possible.

Mohs Surgery

Ideal for: Problematic skin cancers (e.g. facial basal cell carcinomas)
Benefits: highest cure rates for difficult skin cancers

Please visit our Mohs Surgery page for more detail

Shave, Curette and Cautery, Laser ablation

Ideal for: Most superficial skin cancers
Process: The tumour is scraped, shaved or lasered away from the underlying skin and the wound heals
Cosmetic Outcome: generally acceptable flat white scar

Surgical Excision

Ideal for: All skin cancers
Process: Tumour is surgically cut out with a cure rate of over 90%
Cosmetic Outcome: More acceptable scar than curette and cautery 

No Scalpel Vasectomy

Perth Vasectomy Clinic performs the No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV), which is now the gold standard technique. NSV has been proven to reduce the incidence of bleeding and therefore subsequent swelling and pain is much reduced. In addition, there are no stitches required. Overall, with NSV there is less discomfort and recovery is faster.

Please visit the Perth Vasectomy Clinic website for more information or to book an appointment.